2021-08-07 ~ 2021-09-30


Meeting time 08:00-18:00


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· PRIVACY NOTICE:  By providing your and/or your professional colleague’s information, you are requesting to register in our 11th Taiwan Laparoscopic HBP Forum program, for which the information will be used to manage your participation, and to fulfill any other requests you select. The information will be used by Johnson & Johnson Medical Taiwan Limited , our affiliates, and our service providers involved in the 11th Taiwan Laparoscopic HBP Forum Program. You may withdraw your registration by emailing <>.  Our Privacy Policy <Link to the Privacy Policy governs the use of the information you provide. By providing this information and registering to the event, you indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to these terms.

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· According to Local regulation and J&J Policies –This meeting is limited to healthcare professionals. If you are not a healthcare professional, please do not register or attend.

· Record or spread meeting related information without organizer permission is prohibited.


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